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RotorLib FDM for C++ FixedWingLib CGF
RotorLib FDM – Autopilot Add-on FixedWingLib CGF – Formation Flight Add-on
RotorLib FDM – Turbine Engine Add-on FixedWingLib CGF – Combat Maneuvers Library Add-on
RotorLib FDM – Shipdeck Landing Add-on FixedWingLib FDM
RotorLib CGF RotorLib CGF – Formation Flight Add-on
RotorLib FDM for MATLAB/Simulink EWAWS – Electronic Warfare and Weapon System Simulation

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Presagis STAGE™ Presagis Vega Prime™
Bohemia Interactive VBS™ 2/3 DIS/HLA
MATLAB™/Simulink™ OpenSceneGraph